Remedy Cream 60ML


Pleasurable light, soothing, hydrating cream which is not oily. Without occluding the skin, it reinforces the skin’s defense, providing a sensation of comfort and protection. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™ without silicones and with 92% natural-origin ingredients. CHARACTERISTICS The emulsion hydrates and protects the barrier, through a double defense mechanism which takes care of the skin’s flora and the compactness of the epidermis. The neuro-cosmetic action contributes in giving an immediate sensation of comfort, particularly appreciated by fragile and reactive skins. STRENGTHS FRAGRANCE-FREE NON-OILY, NON-OCCLUSIVE TEXTURE SOOTHING, PROTECTIVE AND HYDRATING ACTION WITHOUT SILICONES for “real active beauty” HOW IT WORKS MARVEL OF PERU The extract of this plant which originates in Peru, also known as the Marvel of Peru and “the four o’clock flower”, has a soothing action, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which are essential for restoring comfort and equilibrium to sensitive skins. It acts with a double mechanism: calms inflammation, reducing the reactivity of the neuro-inflammatory receptors and therefore protecting the skin; and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, essential elements of the skin barrier. MARULA OIL Extract of the kernel of the Sclerocarya Birrea plant, with its origins in southern Africa, also known as “the elephants’ tree” as the branches, leaves and fruits are their preferred food. The oil, rich in omega 9, tocopherols and phytosterols, fortifies the skin and preserves the barrier thanks to its excellent emollient and protective properties. NATURAL-ORIGIN PREBIOTIC Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is a prebiotic derived from natural sugars and has a defense action. A new and effective approach to the protection of sensitive skins. The oligosaccharide, working as a prebiotic, protects the integrity of the skin’s natural flora, thereby reinforcing the microorganisms which cohabit the surface of the skin. HOW TO USE Apply daily, morning and evening, to clean skin on its own or after the serum. Massage delicately until completely absorbed. RECOMMENDED For skins which are sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness.

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