Active Pureness Fluid 30ML


Hydrating fluid for impure and acne-prone skins. The unique combination of Vitamin C and mattifying powders in a liposomal base renders this the ideal hydrating product as well as an optimal base for make-up. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 93% natural-origin ingredients. CHARACTERISTICS The liposomal structure, derived from purified lecithin, has a very similar structure to the skin, and is ideal for transporting Vitamin C. Thanks to this base, the product promotes a hydrating action without oily substances for a mattifying effect which lasts. STRENGTHS MATTIFYING HYDRATING FLUID LIPOSOMAL DERMAL AFFINITY STRUCTURE OPTIMAL MAKE-UP BASE UNISEX HOW IT WORKS VITAMIN C sodium ascorbyl phosphate is the stable form of Vitamin C and is highly indicated for the treatment of impure skins. Promotes an antioxidant action, which reduces sebum oxidation and stimulates collagen synthesis, giving the skin a more toned appearance and making pores less visible. Illuminates the skin and lightens dyschromia, often associated with skin imperfections. STARCH provides the matte effect, absorbing excess sebum, therefore contrasting the shiny appearance. HOW TO USE Apply to cleansed skin and massage gently. Can be used prior to the application of make-up. RECOMMENDED For impure, oily and acne-prone skins. Recommended during the summer months, and especially in hot, humid climates.



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