Active Pureness Gel 200 ML


Cleansing gel with 3% gluconolactone for its exfoliating action. Thanks to the presence of purifying and sebum-normalizing actives, the gel deeply cleanses the epidermis and clears the pores. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 94% natural-origin ingredients. CHARACTERISTICS The exfoliating action of gluconolactone facilitates the removal of the superficial dead skin cells, reducing the blockage of the pores and therefore preventing the formation of blackheads. Arginine compensates for the exfoliating action of the gluconolactone by protecting the pH and maintaining the physiological parameters of the skin. The antibacterial action of mangosteen extract completes the efficacy of the product. STRENGTHS SEBUM-NORMALIZING CLEANSING DELICATE EXFOLIATING FORMULA FREE FROM SLES UNISEX HOW IT WORKS GLUCONOLACTONE 3%, poly-hydroxy acid with an exfoliating action. Contrasts hyperkeratosis, stimulated by oxidated sebum of the pilosebaceous follicle. ARGININE is an amino acid that forms part of the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Thanks to its dermal affinity, it contrasts the acidic pH of gluconolactone and carries out a hydrating action. MANGOSTEEN EXTRACT from the “king of fruits”, Garcinia Mangostana consists of many xanthones, of which the alpha-mangostin, tannins, flavonoids and polyphenolic components in particular promote an antioxidant and antibacterial action, indispensable for halting the processes which lead to the development of acne. HOW TO USE Apply to dry skin, massage delicately for a few seconds and then carefully rinse. Avoid the eye area. It is suitable to use under the shower on the areas of the body that are prone to impurities. RECOMMENDED For impure, oily and acne-prone skins. Recommended for male skins and in hot, humid climates. WARNINGS The percentage of gluconolactone permits the use of this product in the summer months, but to ensure complete protection, it is recommended to apply an SPF cream afterwards



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